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What is the difference between an agent, personal manager, and a casting director?
ANSWER: An agent is franchised by one or more of the performers's unions. They are paid a fixed commission only after you have landed the job and been paid for your work. Personal managers provide more comprehensive services than agents, acting perhaps as business managers, financial or legal advisers. They, however, cannot secure you employment. They may collect a fee greater than agents are permitted to charge because they are not franchised by the performers' unions. They may invest considerable time and money in your career, but, like the agent, they should not be paid in advance. Casting Directors are casting consultants employed by studios, networks, advertising agencies or producers and they are paid by these companies.

Who is the Talent Search Database recommended for?
All actors, actresses, models, singers, musicians, dancers are welcome to participate on CD Talent Cast.We are looking for beginners and experienced people that are looking to establish connections in the entertainment industry.

How does the database work?
Casting directors browse the database, which includes up to 5,000 portfolios of actors, actresses, models, singers, dancers, voice-overs, etc. Each members' data is located in our database, through which directors locate potential performers through a search engine type format. Directors are able to search by location, age, origin, measurements, special talents, etc. Portfolio database is designed to save time and reduce the hassle of dealing with paper photos and resumes.

Is a talent agency? is a website - subdivision of We are an advertising & promotion agency for actors, actresses, models, singers, voice-overs, dancers and performers. Our purpose is to promote YOU to major casting directors, entertainment networks, production companies and talent agencies. We also work with a few independent talent managers that are looking to select the best people from the Talent Search Datatbase and represent them in the future.

Why do I have to pay to obtain a membership?
Each individual is required to complete a personal data set up, which is produced by Your resume information will be matched with keywords that are commonly used by casting directors when searching our database. Your photos will be scanned in high-resolution to highlight your best features.

Where do I mail pictures and resume for my set up?
Fed-Ex (or Priority Registered Mail) your pictures directly to:
Hitech Nets/
portfolio # ------
20501 Ventura Blvd.,
Suite # 150
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
*Be sure to place your portfolio number on both the envelope front and your resume.

What should I fill out my resume if I do not have much experience?
Our database works like a search engine. You may list all your interests, hobbies, sports and talents. Be sure to provide your personal contact information if you do not have an agent.

What if I move or my resume information changes ?
We allow you to change information or add information one time per year and it is absolutely FREE. You may send an email or call our representative before the due date for each year.

Do I need professional pictures to participate?
We advise you to mail us professional pictures but if you are on a low budget we will accept all photos. For inexpensive photos on a budget, many times photography students at the college level are willing to complete a portfolio for just the cost of the film. Of course, the process will be much longer, but often the results will surprise you. Please try to provide us with photos enlarged to industry size of 8 X 10.

Does guarantee entertainment jobs, movie parts, or placement in shows and commercials?
Not one company in the world can guarantee you a job or part in a movie. Talent Search Database is designed to help actors, actresses, models, and other performers with obtaining auditions. It is your duty to be at auditions on time and to compete and perform well so you may be selected by the casting director.

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